What is the point of myGoodBase?

MyGoodBase is a cleaning solution for email addresses bases that often a business has, the latter being designed to make emailing. Interest in a society is precisely to hold email lists as clean as possible so that they reach their target at best and objectives. MyGoodBase is intended precisely to help you clean up your emails quickly and efficiently bases.

How myGoodBase?

MyGoodBase the service will check that the email addresses that you submit to analysis do exist. By simulating sending emails to addresses to check, MyGoodBase behaves like a real mail server and thus obtained clear answers as to the validity or not of an email address.

What might be the implications of a basic emailing unskilled?

Making emailing without first checking its address database can have more or less serious consequences. First, if a large number of emails do not exist, are not valid ... your mailing does not pay off as you'd hoped! Second, sending mass messages to several incorrect addresses, your mail server is likely to be blackister!

What is blacklisting?

Gettingblacklistedis to beconsideredas a potentialspammer, as someone whosendsspammassand thereforeis to bebannedfrom sendingemailsbycertain authorities.Beingblacklistedisvery detrimentaltoa companythat needs touse emailevery day!

Should I create an account to use myGoodBase?

No, you caninitiallyanalyzed10emailaddressesevery 3 hoursbysimply goingto the website ofMyGoodBase. Ifyou want to analyzeup to 500emailaddressesat once, you will need at that timeto register andcreate an account:this is allfree!

What kind of report we provide myGoodBase?

MyGoodBase, after starting the analysis addresses submitted, provides a document that lists the valid emails, those incorrect duplicates ... you just need to export this list and remove all erroneous lines to get a base of healthy Address .