Detailed cleaning service email list

MyGoodBase is a free service that cleans up your bases of email addresses and simplifies stabilizing your mailing bases by reducing FAI, free webmails or other messaging servers blocking risks.

MyGoodBase is an online email address verification tool. You just have to give to MyGoodBase the list of electronic adresses that you want to validate, then MyGoodBase will validate the syntax and the existence of the domain and will login to the messaging server to check if the mailbox exists or not. This tool also bases itself on whitelists and blacklists to optimise the analysis details. An export of the valid classified adresses will be given at the end of the verification.

The program will check your emails list to detect the wrong addresses. You can export valid email addresses and delete incorrect mails. MyGoodBase is a program that will check your email addresses. MyGoodBase can check the status of an adress in a .txt file, Excel orby a simple copy/paste of the list in the input zone. Thanks to MyGoodBase, you can be sure that the email addresses on your list are valid, which will avoid your server being blacklisted.

The program works like a messaging server : it creates a DNS request to define the receiver's MX (Mail Exchange) server, respects the DNS propagation time (TTL) and manages the errors (e.g. mostly temporary rejects emitted during graylisting phases). MyGoodBase simulates a message being sent, like a real messaging server, but no email is really sent. The program analyses among others the server's answer to the RCPT TO command, which allows the determination of a valid email address. MyGoodBase uses rules to determine wrong email addresses to obtain a great validation precision.